Ms. Balvin



I am in my second year working for CAS.  Working at CAS has been a positive experience for me.  It has inspired me to grow as a teacher, colleague, and person.  Coming to CAS, I was not sure what to expect.  However, the first day on campus, I was happily surprised at how beautiful the school is, and how many resources are available to teachers.  My favorite thing about CAS is the students.  I loved getting to know the students and their families.  Students in Guatemala are very caring, and I love being greeted in the morning by their hugs.  Another great thing about teaching at CAS is the freedom it offers.  As an experimental school, CAS is always open to new ideas and teaching methods.  Teachers are encouraged to try new things and teach creatively.  Doing so has helped me develop myself as a teacher.

Teaching in a foreign country is a great way to work as well as be a tourist.  I have had several opportunities to travel on the weekends to popular tourist spots such as Antigua, Panajachel, and Pacaya Volcano.  I was a Spanish major in college, and working at CAS helps me to continue improving my Spanish and becoming more fluent.

Overall, Colegio Americano del Sur is a great opportunity for anyone looking for a job that is full of adventure, culture, and challenges.


My Experience Working at CAS and Guatemala